Are you a beginner interested in learning more about rock climbing?

Our Bouldering Sessions at Hueco Tanks are perfect for all levels looking to learn more about climbing ethics, techniques and safety.

Bouldering  – climbing small yet difficult sections of rock on boulders or rock formations without a rope or anchors attached. Bouldering is an extreme art of rock climbing. Crash pads and landing mats are used to protect the climber from hitting the ground. Spotters stand below the climber to help direct the falling climber to the padded landing zone. Routes or paths are called “boulder problems” and have specific route directions. Boulder problems come in all shapes and sizes both small and tall, usually ranging from 7 – 30 feet in height.

Bouldering Sessions are an excellent way to approach climbing in a fit and healthy fashion. Climbing is very dangerous and respect should be taken to avoid getting hurt. Learning more about climbing techniques and methods will greatly increase you ability to move forward with this extreme sport.