Need to rent climbing gear during your visit to Hueco Tanks? You can rent climbing shoes, crash pads and chalk bags from us. The original and closest licensed rental company at Hueco Tanks since 1986. In order to rent climbing gear you’ll need a credit or debit card and ID when picking up your rental gear.

Crash Pad Rental


When traveling to Hueco Tanks in El Paso Texas. The Airline, Train and Bus services can charge a hefty price for dragging a crash pad along with you. It can also be a hassle to pack crash pads into your vehicle when on a road trip. Even if you do have one or two pads, you could always use more at Hueco for that ultimate dream project. No matter what the case. We offer Daily Bouldering Crash Pad Rentals year round.   Need special days/times? Remember to Reserve in Advance!

$8.00 Daily


Option: Need to ship your pad(s) to Hueco Tanks? Click Here

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Climbing Gear Rentals

We rent premium brand Climbing Shoes $7. Harnesses $7. Helmets $5. and Chalk Bags $5.  Just starting out or need a pair of climbing shoes for a Guided Hueco Tanks Back Country Tour? Stop by we can get you geared up no problem. Need special days/times? Remember to Reserve in Advance!